Yvonne Desrosiers

Sculptor,Ceramicist, Founding Artist

Yvonne is an artist and retired secondary school art teacher, who received her BA degree from Indiana University at South Bend and her MA from Ball State University. Her dedication to art blossomed during her years as a high school student and continues through the present. She has always divided her areas of interest between sculpture and pottery.

Yvonne feels a strong connection with the natural world and this inspiration is translated in her sculptural forms and in her affinity for the tactile and organic nature of clay. Her interpretations can be serious or humorous. Yvonne’s work can be found on display in Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Indiana and England. This includes public commissions for bronze abstractions and her functional and sculptural pottery forms.

Website: Talisman Art Studio and Productions.

  • Bill Healy Bobble Head
  • 9" Tall
  • Such Sweet Sorrow
  • 13" High
  • Bronze
  • Ecosystem
  • 11.5 inches High
  • Coil built stoneware

"Altar Set For The Real American Deity"
Stoneware 20" high

Dragon Dragon
"Ringosarus" 12"w Stoneware

"Musicians" Lifesize Stoneware Portraits

Dragon Dragon
Yvonne continues to create these ringed,
playfull Dragons, on the right is 15" high
"Smaugasaurus" underglazed stoneware

Summer Studio 2015