Lawrence "Beau" Bilenki

Sculptor, Ceramicist, Founding Artist

Beau Bilenki, originally from London, Ontario, studied sculpture with Tuck Langland at Indiana University.

His work has been exhibited at South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend Regional Airport, Indiana University Gallery, Saugatuck and Marshall Michigan, Wisconsin, New York and Chicago at the Vance Galleries on Michigan Avenue.

Beau has studied pottery with Paul Soldner (the American father of Raku and inventor of the Soldner Wheel) well known potter, Dick Lehman, and Aldelphia Martinez (New Mexican potter Maria Martinez’s granddaughter).

"I strive for classical form with contemporary interpretation. Whatever medium I work in, I create each work to be balanced either, in symmetry or asymmetry. I have been compelled to achieve a quiet beauty."


Inukshuk, 2015 Steel & Concrete 9’Tall
The Potawatomi Conservatory
Based on a Canadian Indian landmark composed usually from rocks that resemble a human that is used to mark paths of travel, food caches or memorials.
Commisioned to honor the memory of Martha Lewis, a former president of the Botanical Society board who was instrumental in saving the conservatory facilities.


"A new direction of cement on steel gives me the challenge of sculpting the surface with color and texture. My form now is simple and basic. I see more involved, complicated volumes emerging in my drawings. In my search for artistic fulfillment, I study history and antiquity. My current work consists of welded steel rebar geometric forms covered with a galvanized steel lath covered with concrete. With this concept, I can be a sculptor in the mechanics of welding the frames and a painter in the application of the surface."

Square Obelisk
"Square Obelisk" 16.5' tall
Concrete & Mirrors over steel & lath
can be seen at Howard Park until Sep 2018 as
part of the "South Bend Sculpture Initiative"

  • Fruit Bowls and Platters
  • $50 each
  • Torso
  • 20 & 1/2" high
  • Bronze
  • Gustometer
  • 12 feet high
  • Rebar, cement & mirrors
  • $5,000

"Calling all Chickens Home" Beau's 2017 show

Little Tail Eating Hen
Coil built and raku fired

“An artist is one who can tolerate a great amount of disorder” Lawrence Bilenki 1967

Beau is one of our founding artists. Fire Arts continues to be grateful for his investments of courage, time, ideas, money, and energy.