Kathy Reddy-White

Kathy Reddy-White

Ceramicist, Painter, Founding Artist

Kathy Reddy-White is the owner of CircaArts Gallery. She is a native of South Bend and has art degrees from Saint Mary's College and The University of Notre Dame. All of her work demonstrates a commitment to the mediums she works in and a sense of place and history.

She is both a painter and a tile maker. Her aesthetic is grounded by architecture and her life on the water in rural Michigan. Her tile work is inspired by ancient cultures and antiques. The subject matter of her tiles are timeless - coffee cups, wine, sailboats, and architectural details.

Kathy is one of our founding artists, Fire Arts continues to be grateful for her investments of courage, time, ideas, money, and energy.

  • Fish
  • Cold War
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • A 4'x4' piece with Custom tiles and painting combination