Jan Dean


MFA, Cranbrook
18 years teaching Art in Chicago

Jan Dean is a visual artist whose artworks explore the paradox and psychology found in material culture. The work draws from the meeting of Western culture and Eastern philosophies. Materials dominate the visual appearance of the work but sentience and the human experience are what it articulates.

Dean's work can be found in many private collections nationally and internationally.

Beauty found within the ugly or the ugliness within something beautiful are often the focus of the artistic. Ugliness is only an attitude. It limits the ability to perceive. Children do not see ugly, Ray Bradbury.

  • Black Head
  • Bronze on wood base
  • Home
  • Internally lit assembled Polystyrene
  • 78 x 38 x 36 inches
  • Eden
  • Tin & Media
  • 3.5 inches