Jacqueline Carlson

Sculptor, Jeweler, Painter, Founding Artist

Jackie attended Indiana University at South Bend in the early 70s, where she took sculpture from Tuck Langland. In 1976, she joined the Army and was selected to become part of the White House Communications Agency as a communications specialist. From 1977 to 1981 she provided communications support at the White House and on three overseas and 16 stateside trips in support of the President of the United States. Upon her return to northern Indiana, she resumed studies at IUSB, and received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1986.

She is interested in peace, justice and conservation. "We could probably have a pretty good life on this planet," she says, "if everyone would just cooperate."

Most recently, Jackie has concentrated efforts on icons of the civil rights movement. "I have never felt particularly courageous, and I really admire the courage of many who have been involved in civil rights." She is planning a series of heads and figures of civil rights icons.

King King
"Dr. Martin Luther King"
15"high Painted Plaster

Jackie is also interested in endangered species and is hoping to do a series in tandem with her friends Julie and Yvonne.

"African Elephants"
cast resin on 16 x 30 board

Jackie has sold several of her sculptures and received a purchase award from the Midwest Museum of American Art. Jackie also does copper enameling and teaches an occasional workshop on the art form; email us if that would interest you.

15" Long Painted Bronze

  • Wood Nymph
  • 15" High
  • Bronze
  • $800
  • Pears and Tomotillos
  • 12"x 16" plus frame
  • Oil Painting on Canvas
  • $250
  • Pendant
  • Copper Enameling
  • $20 with cord

Switch Plates Bowl
Copper Enameling

Earrings Necklaces

"Cousin Breanne" Bronze