Eve Woodward

Ceramicists, Sculptor, Jeweler, and Founding Artist

My interest in art dates back to my childhood, when I saw a television program about a boy who found out how potters do their work. I still remember it now. When I was old enough I took art classes, as well as private lessons in pottery.

My interest continued through college at Michigan State University, where I majored in art, with emphasis in Ceramics and Jewelry. I moved to South Bend in the 80's, where I refined my skills, first taking Ceramics classes at South Bend's Art Center, an later teaching Jewelry there.

During the late 80's and early 90's my explorations continued with art classes at Indiana University of South Bend. In 1989 I took my first sculpture class with Harold (Tuck) Langland. I was hooked. The materials were all old friends - clay and plaster from pottery, wax from playing with my grandfather's dental laboratory, and investments form casting silver. There is nothing quite like the experience of casting bronze - except maybe Christmas as a small child, when you still believe in Santa.

The formation of Fire Art's studio is a wonderful opportunity to combine my varied interests. I am currently exploring ways to combine thrown and modeled forms, embellishing the result further after the firing.

  • Bird Bottle
  • Ceramic
  • Florindo
  • 22" High
  • Bronze
  • Ceramic

Lana Lana
"Lana" Stoneware

Eve is one of our founding artists. Fire Arts continues to be grateful for her investments of courage, time, ideas, money, and energy.